Affiche d'une fille

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"The vilest realization is not that you are crazy, nor that you are completely alone;
but that on top of the world, down in the grass, waiting in the dining room, passing by the mirror, stirring in the coffee cup
you are always empty;
And it’s a sort of emptiness that eats you alive
You just don’t know what to fill it with
If all else fails."

SUITE PARISIENNE editorial, Confashion Magazine [Poland]

Model Alessandra Velia (Modelscouting by Jana Hernette/Paris)

HAir & MUA Yvane Rocher

Photography Ioana Casapu

"We are just used to undressing others of their clothes, not layers, and labels might look nice on the floor but I always thought cynicism, fear and remorse look a lot nicer undressed"

"On getting tattooed: I look at it as an anatomy of our personality, structure and depper inner consciusness. A map of symbols if you like. There’s something mystical, nearly prodigious in having your skin mixed with graphic representations of your soul, ideals and personal myths. I also think it’s lovely and people should discard it less."

LO editorial for Revista Joy Romania

Photography Ioana Cristina Casapu

Styling Isabelle Vijiiac

MUA Andreea Cecilia

Hair Tina Milen

Clothes isabellevijiiac

Model Cristiana Petrea (MRA)

Lorna Sharp, French model & hairstylist, wearing Doina Levintza

Paris, Jan 2014

"MOVING SANDS: You know that feeling, right after you suffered minor surgery, donated blood, had a tooth extraction or a rib cage tattoo done, had a perfusion on or just got a plain small cut or pinch. You slow dive, melt inside yourself, clothes seeming your blanket and the chairs plasticine pillows, the air breezing softly through you as if you’re aerodynamic and your breath shifts from a rush to a silent shape that barely moves you backwards and forwards. That feeling, I find It only similar to the pleasant numbness of being completely fallen in love, lost on a clouded sky covered beach or regretless."